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VA - Extra Trance (episode 8) (2015)
Artist: VA Title: Extra Trance(episode 8)Year: 2015 Genre: Trance tracks: 18 Format |26-10-2015, 04:22 Disco  
Big City Beats Vol.23 (2015)
Genre:House, Dance Format:MP3 | Quality:320 Kbps | Playing time:08:16:5224-10-2015, 16:06 Radio  
Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance 736 (22102015)
Artist: Armin van Buuren Album: A State of Trance 736 release date: 22102015 Genre:23-10-2015, 17:02 Trance  
VA - Epic Vocal Trance 2015 Uplifting Edition (2015)
Artist: VA Title: Epic Vocal Trance 2015 Uplifting Edition Year of release: 201522-10-2015, 02:53 Trance  
We Love Electro VIII (2015)
Genre:Electro Format:MP3 | Quality:320 Kbps | Playing time:02:59:1021-10-2015, 07:10 Disco  
VA - IBIZA (2015) MP3/320 kbps
Artist: VA Album: IBIZA 2015 Year: 2015 number of tracks: 49 Genre: Progressive,18-10-2015, 09:17 Radio  
75 Vocal Trance Hits (2015)
Artist: VA Title: 75 Vocal Trance Hits Year of release: 2015 Genre: Trance, Vocal17-10-2015, 21:54 Trance  
Butterfly Heart (2015)
Watching the flapping of the butterfly's wings involuntarily in the mind associated14-10-2015, 05:05 Radio  
Club Party Vol.1 (2015)
Artist: VA Title: Club Party Vol.1 Year of release: 2015 Genre: Club, House, Trance13-10-2015, 08:41 New Music  
DJ B - Future Uplifting Vol Two (2015)
Artist: DJ B Album: Future Uplifting Vol Two release date: 2015 Genre: Uplifting10-10-2015, 20:28 New Music  
Music Mix By Vladios13 #10 (2015)
Artist: VA Album: Music Mix By Vladios13 #10 release date: 06062015 Genre: Trance,6-06-2015, 19:39 Radio  
Uplifting Trance Classic Mix (2015)
Исполнитель: Various Artist Название: Uplifting Trance Classic Mix Жанр музыки:2-06-2015, 00:09 Trance  
Ibiza Trance Vol.1 (2015)
Жанр: Trance Формат: MP3 | Качество: 320 Kbps | Время звучания: 02:36:511-06-2015, 21:09 Trance  
Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance 715 (28052015)
Artist: Armin van Buuren Album: A State of Trance 715 release date: 28052015 Genre:29-05-2015, 08:11 Trance  
Trance Collection Vol.9 (2015)
Artist: VA Title: Trance Collection Vol.9 Year of release: 2015 Genre: Trance,16-05-2015, 15:08 Trance  
Spectro Senses - Mystic Garden (2015)
Исполнитель: Spectro Senses Альбом: Mystic Garden Год выхода: 2015 Жанр: Psy, Goa16-05-2015, 21:16 New Music  
Quantum Ice (2015)
Исполнитель: Various Artist Название: Quantum Ice Жанр музыки: Trance Дата релиза:7-05-2015, 02:26 Radio  
Top 100 Trance. April 2015 (2015)
Artist: VA disc Title: Top 100 Trance. April 2015 release Year: 2015 Genre: Trance1-05-2015, 09:40 Trance  
Trance Desires (2015)
Исполнитель: VA Название диска: Trance Desires Год выпуска: 2015 Жанр: Trance Кол-во30-04-2015, 17:06 Trance  
Trance Eve Volume 84 (2015)
Альбом: Trance Eve Volume 84 Год: 2015 Жанр: Vocal Trance, Uplifting Trance Кол-во30-04-2015, 14:27 Trance  
Sense Of Trance #69 (2015)
Жанр: Trance, Uplifting Trance Формат: mp3 | Качество: 320 kbps | Время звучания:27-04-2015, 12:59 Trance  
Trance Maniacs Party: Melody Of Heartbeat #146 (2015)
Жанр: Vocal Trance Формат: mp3 | Качество: 320 kbps | Время звучания: 03:00:1827-04-2015, 11:00 Trance  
Uplifting Trance Goa (2015)
Исполнитель: Various Artist Название: Uplifting Trance Goa Жанр музыки: Uplifting23-04-2015, 13:30 House  
Sexual Chillout & Sensual Trance (2015)
Genre: Chillout, Trance Format: FLAC(tracks)| Quality: Lossless | Playing time:22-04-2015, 21:31 Trance  
Sexy Trance #83 (2015)
Artist: VA Title: Sexy Trance #83 release Year: 2015 Genre: Trance, Vocal Trance,12-04-2015, 01:30 Trance  
Find The Light (2015)
Artist: Various Artist Title: Find The Light music Genre: Progressive, Uplifting9-04-2015, 13:30 Trance  
In Da Club Vol.82 (2015)
Genre: Trance, Vocal Trance, Uplifting Trance, Classic Trance Format: mp3 | 9-04-2015, 07:00 Trance  
Trance Maniacs Party: Melody Of Heartbeat #141 (2015)
Genre: Vocal Trance Format: mp3 | Quality: 320 kbps | Playing time: 02:55:399-04-2015, 02:00 Trance  
Best Of Progressive Vocal Trance (2015)
Genre: Trance Format: mp3 | Quality: 320 kbps | Playing time: 02:04:068-04-2015, 06:31 Trance  
Ruby Trance, Vol. 12 (2015)
Исполнитель: VA Альбом: Ruby Trance, Vol. 12 Год выпуска: 2015 Кол-во треков: 237-04-2015, 12:30 Trance  
House The Bass Edition (2015)
Genre: House Club Format: MP3 | Quality: VBR Kbps | Playing time: 01:16:244-04-2015, 07:30 Disco  
Global Progressive Trance Sessions Vol.14 (2015)
Genre: Trance Format: MP3 | Quality: 320 Kbps | Playing time: 02:44:393-04-2015, 16:30 Trance  

Trance - Club Trance Shows (2015)

26-10-2015, 09:14 | Visit: 516 print

Release year:2015 Artist:VA Title:Club Trance Shows Music genre:Trance, Progressive Trance Format:MP3320 kbps Duration:04:51:13 Songs:40 Archive:Rar(+5% recovery) Size:63682 MB Tracklist 01. Paul Miller & Nicole McKenna - This Time Last Year(Original Mix)( 07:03) 02. Tim Lighterz & Simple Art - La Via Lattea(Game Djan Remix)( 06:22) 03. Mark Sherry & Clare
Club Trance Shows (2015)

Release year:2015
Title:Club Trance Shows
Music genre:Trance, Progressive Trance
Format:MP3320 kbps
Archive:Rar(+5% recovery)
Size:63682 MB


01. Paul Miller & Nicole McKenna - This Time Last Year(Original Mix)( 07:03)
02. Tim Lighterz & Simple Art - La Via Lattea(Game Djan Remix)( 06:22)
03. Mark Sherry & Clare Stagg - How Can I(Solis & Sean Truby Remix)( 07:01)
04. Ana Criado & Aurosonic - The Force Of The Blow(Original Mix)( 08:37)
05. Craigo - Gateway To Paradise(08:00)
06. Tranzlift Vs. Rewolution - Polar Energy(09:09)
07. A. R. D. I. & Leolani - The Light(Original Mix)( 07:34)
08. Jacob Ireng - Thunder(06:57)
09. Markus Schulz - Lost in the Box(06:15)
10. Rodg - Wrong Direction(06:25)
11. Tenishia & Jonathan Mendelsohn - A New Dream(Liam Wilson Remix)( 08:08)
12. Orjan Nilsen - Now We Are Talking(05:07)
13. Paul Miller - I Can't Stop(Original Mix)( 06:59)
14. Airwave - Reus Calling(10:41)
15. Aly & Fila with Omar Sherif & - A New Age(400 FSOE Anthem)( 07:20)
16. Enigma - Close Encounter(Original mix)( 07:39)
17. Ferry Corsten presents Gouryella - Anahera(Extended Mix)( 07:39)
18. Matt Darey feat. Kate Louise Smith - See The Sun(Dan Stone Rework)( 06:40)
19. Trilucid - All I Want(Original Mix)( 07:48)
20. U-Mount - While The City Sleeps(Original Mix)( 08:54)
21. Abstract Vision Ft Sarah Lynn - The Very Center Of Me(Dub Mix)( 06:22)
22. Aeden - Sonata Tempest(Six Senses Remix)( 08:00)
23. Farzam - City Of Angels(Original Mix)( 07:30)
24. Alex M. O. R. P. H. & Heatbeat - Amistad(06:38)
25. Ula - Ultimate(Steve Morley Remix)( 07:28)
26. Phablo MB - Crystal(Aldo Henrycho Remix)( 07:25)
27. Dimension - Moments(Original Mix)( 05:42)
28. Lange - Formula-None(Angry Man Remix)( 06:50)
29. Cold Blue - Furia(Original Mix)( 05:49)
30. Daniel Skyver feat. Cat Martin - No One Else(Origonal Mix)( 07:22)
31. Judge Jules - Turn On The Lights(06:26)
32. Lee Osborne - Don't Stop(Original Mix)( 06:32)
33. ReLocate vs. Robert Nickson - Venom(Original Mix)( 08:25)
34. Aimoon, Ozzyxpm - Pulsar(Original Mix)( 07:11)
35. Michael Medina - Frisson(Original Mix)( 07:14)
36. Dreamy - Among Them(Original Mix)( 07:02)
37. Jonas Hornblad - True Hope(Original Mix)( 07:21)
38. Gelardi - Tranceterdam(Original Mix)( 08:03)
39. Davey Asprey - Nibiru(Original Mix)( 07:04)
40. Reorder & Manuel Rocca With Msk - Worlds Unite(Ssr250 Anthem)( 05:18)

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