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Jazz Radio. Cool Jazz 03 (2017)
Genre:Jazz, Easy Listening Format:MP3 | Quality:320 Kbps | Time:02:37:3627-01-2017, 23:43 Radio  
Merry Christmas Jazz (2016)
Genre:Jazz Format:MP3 | Quality:320 Kbps | Time:01:31:1923-11-2016, 02:42 Christmas  
Weihnachts Jazz (2016)
Genre:Jazz Format:MP3 | Quality:320 Kbps | Time:00:56:4515-11-2016, 05:26 New Music  
The Classic Big Band Christmas Album (2016)
Genre:Jazz, Easy Listening, Pop Format:MP3 | Quality:320 Kbps | Time:54:069-11-2016, 13:26 Christmas  
Die Hit Giganten Best Of Swing & Jazz (2016)
Genre:Jazz, Swing, Pop Format:MP3 | Quality:320 Kbps | Time:03:26:3217-10-2016, 21:05 Hits  
Sentimental Memories (2016)
Артист: VA Название: Sentimental Memories (2016) Источник: WEB Стиль: Broken Beat, Nu14-10-2016, 14:18 New Music  
Jukebox Saturday Night Sounds Of The 60's (2016)
Genre:Pop, Alternative, Soul, Funk Format:MP3 | Quality:320 Kbps | Time:59:2910-10-2016, 13:47 New Music  
Moonlight Serenade: Jazz Classics (2016)
Жанр: Jazz Формат: MP3 | Качество: 320 Kbps | Время звучания: 01:45:3413-08-2016, 06:48 New Music  
Rio 2016[Armada Digital]
Artist: Various Performers Title: Rio 2016 Style: Tropical, Funky, Vocal,10-08-2016, 04:43 New Music  
Rio 2016 (2016)
Artist: VA Album: Rio 2016 graduation Year: 2016 number of tracks: 20 Genre:9-08-2016, 22:05 New Music  
Mallorca Ballermann - XXL Schlager Party Hits (2016)
Artist: VA Title: Ballermann Mallorca - XXL Schlager Party Hits Year of release: 20166-08-2016, 06:20 Hits  
Night and Day: Jazz Classics (2016)
Genre:Jazz Format:MP3 | Quality:320 Kbps | Time:02:07:465-08-2016, 08:22 New Music  
VA - My Favourite Hits of 1965 (7CD) (2016) FLAC
Artist: VA Album: My Favourite Hits of 1965(7 CD)Year of release: 2016 Genre: Easy28-06-2016, 23:08 Hits  
Armada Ibiza 2016
Artist: VA Title Of Album: Armada Ibiza 2016 Release Date: 2016 Label: Armada 24-06-2016, 02:26 New Music  
Sounds Of The Sixties 1965 (2002)
Исполнитель: VA Название: Sounds Of The Sixties 1965 Год выпуска: 2002 Жанр: Rock,18-06-2016, 12:43 New Music  
Stompin at the Savoy: Swinging Jazz (2016)
Genre:Jazz Format:MP3 | Quality:320 Kbps | Playing time:01:47:3129-05-2016, 14:35 New Music  
Disco New Stars 57 (2016)
Category Collection Artist: VA disc Title: Disco New Stars 57(2016)Genre: Pop, Dance7-05-2016, 03:49 Disco / New Music  
Tender passion the Most Melodic Hits Runet (2016)
Graduation year: 2016 Country: Russia Artist: VA Title: the Tender passion the Most7-05-2016, 02:23 Hits  
DragonForce - Killer Elite (2016)
Artist: DragonForce Album: Killer Elite Year of release: 2016 Genre: Extreme Power30-04-2016, 20:44 New Music  
Schenker'Michael's Temple Of Rock - On A Mission: Live In Madrid (2016)
Artist: Michael Schenker''s Temple Of Rock Album: On A Mission: Live In Madrid Year30-04-2016, 07:20 Rock  
March 8. My beloved mother (2016)
Category Collection Artist: VA disc Title: the 8th of March. My beloved9-03-2016, 00:34 New Music  
How Deep Is Your Love (2016)
Genre:Deep House Format:MP3 | Quality:320 Kbps | Playing time:03:54:441-03-2016, 17:13 New Music  
110 Introduction To Classic Jazz (2016)
Like a time machine, a collection of "Classic 110 Introduction To Jazz" will take us8-02-2016, 01:19 New Music  
Disco New Stars 55 (2016)
Category Collection Artist: VA disc Title: Disco New Stars 55(2016)Genre: Pop, Dance20-01-2016, 02:40 Disco / New Music  
Roroa Party 24 (2016)
Category Collection Artist: VA disc Title: Roroa Party 24(2016)Genre: Pop, Dance20-01-2016, 11:28 New Music  
Ambient Chill Out Dance (2016)
Genre:Downtempo, Chillout, Instrumental Format:MP3 | Quality:320 Kbps | Playing17-01-2016, 18:25 Dance  
Perpetual Motion With the Best Hits Radio Chanson (2016)
Artist: VA Title: Perpetual Motion With the Best Hits Radio Chanson Year of release:15-01-2016, 08:24 Hits / Radio / Chanson  
Hit parade 70's Issue 1-2 (1998) Mp3
Year of production: 1998 Country: USSR Artist: VA Title: Hit parade 70's Issue 1-221-12-2015, 07:24 Hits  
Dreamboats & Miniskirts: Those Were The Days (2015)
Genre:Pop, Rock, Rock'n'roll Format:MP3 | Quality:320 Kbps | Playing time:02:23:2323-11-2015, 02:00 New Music  
Trump 100 from radio 4 (2015)
Artist: VA Title: trump 100 ka from the radio Chanson 4 Year of release: 2015 Genre:9-11-2015, 22:51 Radio  
VA - Nu Jazz (2015)
Artist: VA Album: Nu Jazz Year of release: 2015 Genre: Jazz, Nu Jazz Format /Bitrate:18-10-2015, 20:33 New Music  
My seven-string. Academy hits chanson (2015)
Category Collection Artist: VA disc Title: my Seven-string. Academy hits11-10-2015, 08:57 Chanson  

Pop - Yaron Herman Discography (2003-2015)

31-08-2017, 18:42 | Visit: 17 print

Artist: Yaron Herman Title: Discografy Year Of Release: 2003-2015 Label: Sketch, Na�ve, Sunnyside, Blue Note, Act Genre: Jazz, Piano, Contemporary jazz Quality: Mp3, 320 kbps / FLAC, APE (image, tracks, .cue) Total Time: 7:26:24 Total Size: 1.1 GB / 2.2 GB Tracklist Takes 2 To Know 1 (2003) 01 Yaron Herman & Sylvain Ghio Before Birth (6:55) 02 Yaron Herman & Sylvain Ghio
Yaron Herman Discography (2003-2015)

Artist: Yaron Herman
Title: Discografy
Year Of Release: 2003-2015
Label: Sketch, Na�ve, Sunnyside, Blue Note, Act
Genre: Jazz, Piano, Contemporary jazz
Quality: Mp3, 320 kbps / FLAC, APE (image, tracks, .cue)
Total Time: 7:26:24
Total Size: 1.1 GB / 2.2 GB

Takes 2 To Know 1 (2003)
01 Yaron Herman & Sylvain Ghio Before Birth (6:55)
02 Yaron Herman & Sylvain Ghio Knock Knock (8:01)
03 Yaron Herman & Sylvain Ghio Hatikva (10:02)
04 Yaron Herman & Sylvain Ghio Ashlaya (4:55)
05 Yaron Herman & Sylvain Ghio Rush (4:01)
06 Yaron Herman & Sylvain Ghio Heartbeat (3:45)
07 Yaron Herman & Sylvain Ghio What A Wonderful World (11:16)
08 Yaron Herman & Sylvain Ghio A Girl Speaks (4:51)
09 Yaron Herman & Sylvain Ghio Peace Now (5:34)

Variations (2006)
01 Yaron Herman Summertime (1:46)
02 Yaron Herman Blossom (Var.1) (5:53)
03 Yaron Herman Facing Him (Var.2) (4:01)
04 Yaron Herman Jerusalem of Gold (Var.3) (6:26)
05 Yaron Herman Libera Me (3:29)
06 Yaron Herman Fugue (Var.1) (4:27)
07 Yaron Herman Eli Eli (Var.2) (7:35)
08 Yaron Herman Pie Jesu (Var.3) (4:13)
09 Yaron Herman Ose Shalom (4:06)
10 Yaron Herman Drops (Var.1) (0:31)
11 Yaron Herman Le Temps Du Conteur (Var.2) (5:15)
12 Yaron Herman Fragile (3:46)
13 Yaron Herman Hommage A Francis Paudras (8:28)

Time for Everything (2007)
01 Yaron Herman Army Of Me (Bjork) (6:05)
02 Yaron Herman Stompin (Yaron Herman) (3:42)
03 Yaron Herman Layla Layla (Natan Alterman, Mordechai Zeira) (5:25)
04 Yaron Herman Interlude (Yaron Herman, Matt Brewer, Gerald Cleaver) (1:10)
05 Yaron Herman Toxic (C.Dennis, C.Karlsson, P.Winnberg, H.Jonback) (4:30)
06 Yaron Herman Neshima (Yaron Herman) (5:19)
07 Yaron Herman Paluszki (Yaron Herman) (5:22)
08 Yaron Herman Prelude No.2 in B flat Major, Opus 35 (Alexander Scriabine) (2:34)
09 Yaron Herman Message In A Bottle (Sting) (4:46)
10 Yaron Herman MMM (Yaron Herman) (6:05)
11 Yaron Herman Monkey Paradise (Yaron Herman) (3:55)
12 Yaron Herman In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning (David Mann, Bob Hilliard) (5:33)
13 Yaron Herman El Toro (Yaron Herman) (3:27)
14 Yaron Herman Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) (7:45)

Muse (2009)
01 Yaron Herman Trio Muse (3:20)
02 Yaron Herman Trio Con Alma (3:12)
03 Yaron Herman Trio Vertigo (5:15)
04 Yaron Herman Trio Lamidbar (6:37)
05 Yaron Herman Trio Perpetua (6:31)
06 Yaron Herman Trio Isobel (6:26)
07 Yaron Herman Trio Joya (4:27)
08 Yaron Herman Trio Lu yehi (4:46)
09 Yaron Herman Trio Twist (6:06)
10 Yaron Herman Trio And the rain (2:18)
11 Yaron Herman Trio Rina balle (8:05)

Follow the white Rabbit (2010)
01 Yaron Herman Trio Follow The White Rabbit (3:21)
02 Yaron Herman Trio Saturn Returns (7:42)
03 Yaron Herman Trio Trylon (5:10)
04 Yaron Herman Trio Heart Shaped Box (K Cobain) (4:38)
05 Yaron Herman Trio Ein Gedi (6:01)
06 Yaron Herman Trio The Mountain In G Minor (6:20)
07 Yaron Herman Trio Cadenza (3:15)
08 Yaron Herman Trio Airlines (5:24)
09 Yaron Herman Trio Aladins Psychedelic Lamp (2:39)
10 Yaron Herman Trio Baby Mine (4:27)
11 Yaron Herman Trio White Rabbit Robot (1:27)
12 Yaron Herman Trio Clusterphobic (5:48)
13 Yaron Herman Trio Wonderland (0:54)
14 Yaron Herman Trio No Surprises (Radiohead) (2:56)

Alter Ego (2012)
01 Yaron Herman Atlas and Axis (4:08)
02 Yaron Herman Mojo (5:26)
03 Yaron Herman Heart Break Through (4:13)
04 Yaron Herman Your Eyes (2:55)
05 Yaron Herman La Confusion Sexuelle Des Papillons (5:57)
06 Yaron Herman Ukolebavka/ Wiegenlied (2:54)
07 Yaron Herman From Afar (2:13)
08 Yaron Herman Sunbath (2:08)
09 Yaron Herman Homemade (5:19)
10 Yaron Herman Hatikva (3:35)
11 Yaron Herman Mechanical Brothers (1:32)
12 Yaron Herman Madeleine (8:16)
13 Yaron Herman Kaos (2:15)

The New Tradition (2014)
01 Adam Baldych & Yaron Herman Riverendings (5:22)
02 Adam Baldych & Yaron Herman Legenda (7:51)
03 Adam Baldych & Yaron Herman Sleep Safe And Warm (4:10)
04 Adam Baldych & Yaron Herman Letter For E (6:01)
05 Adam Baldych & Yaron Herman June (4:40)
06 Adam Baldych & Yaron Herman Quo Vadis (5:29)
07 Adam Baldych & Yaron Herman Lamentation of Jeremiah (5:14)
08 Adam Baldych & Yaron Herman Relativities (2:11)
09 Adam Baldych & Yaron Herman Canticles Of Ecstasy (5:09)
10 Adam Baldych & Yaron Herman Preludium E-Minor (2:08)

Everyday (2015)
01 Yaron Herman Fast Life (4:56)
02 Yaron Herman Vista (4:16)
03 Yaron Herman Points Of You (3:33)
04 Yaron Herman Nettish (3:19)
05 Yaron Herman With Open Hands (1:20)
06 Yaron Herman Everyday (4:04)
07 Yaron Herman Five Trees (5:34)
08 Yaron Herman Volcano (3:25)
09 Yaron Herman Prelude No4 Opus 74 (1:49)
10 Yaron Herman Children Don't Always Play Fair (1:40)
11 Yaron Herman Retrograde (2:59)
12 Yaron Herman City Lights (3:26)
13 Yaron Herman 18:26 (5:02)

Yaron Herman Discography (2003-2015)

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