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Artist: Various Performers Title: Best of Ibiza 2017 Style: Funky, Club, Groove, Nu4-09-2017, 15:12 New Music  
Artist: Various Performers Title: Ibiza House Party Style: Future Bass, Groove, Club,19-08-2017, 02:46 New Music  
Feeling Funky: House Mix(2017 )
Category: Unmixed Artist: Various Performers Title of album: Feeling Funky: House Mix9-08-2017, 06:45 New Music  
Artist: Various Performers Title: Tropical House Megamix Style: Club, Future Bass,9-08-2017, 03:48 New Music  
Artist: Various Performers Title: Beach Party Ibiza Style: Club, Funky, Progressive,7-08-2017, 01:34 New Music  
Big House Nights (25 Groovy House Tunes), Vol. 1 (2017)
Исполнитель:VA Название: Big House Nights (25 Groovy House Tunes), Vol. 1 (2017)5-08-2017, 17:09 House  
Clubbing On Sunshine (2017)
Исполнитель:VA Название: Clubbing On Sunshine (2017) Жанр: House, Tech House, Deep4-08-2017, 17:31 House  
Hot auto hits №7( 2017 )
Category: Collection Artist: VA disc Title: Hot auto hits №7( 2017)Genre: Dance, club3-08-2017, 17:13 New Music  
DJezzy Sweet Sixteen(2017 )
Category: Unmixed Artist: Various Artist Title of album: DJezzy Sweet Sixteen Genre:1-08-2017, 11:06 New Music  
Sunset Session (2017)
Исполнитель:VA Название: Sunset Session (2017) Жанр: House, Tech House, Deep House24-07-2017, 19:59 House  
The Legend Of The City: Club House Sounds(2017 )
Category: Unmixed Artist: Various Performers Title of album: The Legend Of The City:29-06-2017, 06:38 New Music  
Diamond Euphoria: Night House Party(2017 )
Category: Mixed Artist: Various Artist Title of album: Euphoria Diamond: Night House19-06-2017, 03:49 New Music  
Best Of 2016 (Aqualoop) (2016)
Artist: Various Artists Title: Best Of 2016 Genre: Hard Dance, Hard Trance, Trance17-12-2016, 19:16 Trance  
Top 100 Ibiza Playlist - World of Chances (2016)
Genre:House, Club, Future House, Tropical, Indie Dance, Reggaeton, Afrobeat16-10-2016, 10:40 New Music  
50 Perfect Summer Party Hits (2016)
Artist: VA Title of album: 50 Perfect Summer Party Hits Year of release: 2016 Genre:25-07-2016, 21:57 Hits  
I Love Summer - Ministry of Sound (2016)
Категория Сборник Исполнитель: VA Название диска: I Love Summer - Ministry of4-07-2016, 14:40 New Music  
Tokyo Lolitas: The Biggest Deep, Future, and Tropical House Moods (2016)
Artist: VA Title Of Album: Tokyo Lolitas: The Biggest Deep, Future, and Tropical26-06-2016, 17:15 New Music  
Ultimate Dance Crazy Shakers (2016)
Artist: Various Performers Title: Ultimate Dance Crazy Shakers Style: Hands Up, Happy13-06-2016, 14:20 Dance  
Megadance (2016)
Genre:Funky, UK Garage, Bigroom, Future House, Indie Dance Format:MP3 | Quality:32013-06-2016, 14:30 New Music  
TechnoBase.FM Vol.13 (2016)
Genre:Dance, Techno, Trance Format:MP3 | Quality:320 Kbps | Time:08:04:0711-06-2016, 15:57 New Music  
Summer Beach Party 2016 (2016)
Artist: VA Title: Summer Beach Party 2016 Year of release: 2016 Genre: Club, House,10-06-2016, 08:19 New Music  
Ultimate Dance Craze Party (2016)
Artist: VA Title: Ultimate Dance Craze Party Year of release: 2016 Genre: Dance,7-06-2016, 06:50 Dance  
Summer Beach Party (2016)
Artist: VA Title: Summer Beach Party Year of release: 2016 Genre: House, Club Number3-06-2016, 19:13 New Music  
Beach Party For Spring Best (2016)
Category Collection Artist: VA disc Title: Beach Party For Spring Best(2016)Genre:24-04-2016, 23:30 New Music  
Miami Fitness Workout! (2016)
Artist: VA Title: Miami Fitness Workout!Year of release: 2016 Genre: Dance, Club,23-04-2016, 23:37 New Music  
Running Workout Music Top 100 (2016)
Artist: VA Title: Running Workout Music Top 100 Year of release: 2016 Genre: Dance,9-04-2016, 00:18 New Music  
The Workout Mix (2016)
Genre:Dance, Hip Hop, R&B Format:MP3 | Quality:320 Kbps | Playing time:02:20:2014-01-2016, 00:12 New Music  
New Year Party (2016)
Category Collection Artist: VA disc Title: New Year Party(2016)Genre: Club,29-12-2015, 15:30 New Music  
Running Beats Vol.8 (2015)
Genre:Dance, Club, House Playing time:03:28:01 | Format | Quality:MP3 | 320 kbps25-12-2015, 20:12 New Music  
Ministry Of Sound: House Party (2015)
Genre:House, Dance Format:MP3 | Quality:320 Kbps | Playing time:07:39:395-12-2015, 23:37 House  
VA - New Dance Tracks (2015)
Release year: 2015 Country: All World Name: New Dance Tracks music Genre: Dance,17-11-2015, 04:17 New Music / Dance  
Modern Vocal Trance: October Party (2015)
Incredibly melodic music combined with elements of beautiful vocals will make you get27-10-2015, 05:00 Trance  

New Music - HGM: The Beach Party(2017 )

11-10-2017, 16:37 | Visit: 88 print

Category: Unmixed Artist: Various Performers Disc title: HGM: The Beach Party Genre: House, Dance, Club Year of Release: 2017 Number of tracks: 110 Time: 09:23:56 Format|Quality: MP3 | 320 kpbs Disc: If You have summer refuses to leave, this is an opportunity not to deny yourself the fun. Throw a fun party and have fun. And that mood was on a high level,
HGM: The Beach Party(2017 )

Category: Unmixed
Artist: Various Performers
Disc title: HGM: The Beach Party
Genre: House, Dance, Club
Year of Release: 2017
Number of tracks: 110
Time: 09:23:56
Format|Quality: MP3 | 320 kpbs

If You have summer refuses to leave, this is an opportunity not to deny yourself the fun. Throw a fun party and have fun. And that mood was on a high level, swing and turn up the volume of fresh release "HGM: The Beach Party". Catchy music tracks that will surely lift your spirits.

001. Ambassadeurs - Looking At You(Moods Remix)
002. Frankie - Feel What You Want(Original Mix)
003. Pulsedriver, Chris Deelay - Geiles Gefuhl(Short mix)
004. James Curd - Now I Believe(feat. Shaun J. Wright)
005. Sal De Sol - Happy Ending(Vocal Club Mix)
006. Sophisticated - Take the Groove
007. Tobias Koppel - I Know(Vocal Version)
008. DJ Paul Rust - Brain Fantasy
009. Franky Tunes - Free(Summer Breeze Remix)
010. Godlips - Fly Away(Jako Diaz Remix)
011. Sisy Ey - Do It Good(Club Mix)
012. Frank Kohnert - Hashtag
013. Ian Faze - I Wonder(Original Mix)
014. Sons Of Maria - Surrender
015. Topmodelz - Summer of 69
016. Arcade 82 - Circus Charlie(Jonse & Bengt van Steegen Remix)
017. Massivan - Mode Selector
018. Ross Good - Walking On A Sunshine(Pilot Bg Remix)
019. Secondtunez - Summer(Topmodelz Edit)
020. Alberto Casallo - Crew(Original Mix)
021. Alex Hook - No More Lies(Tosel & Hale Remix)[Feat. Rene]
022. Dennis Rapp - Enjoy This Dance(feat. Anna Belle)
023. Ramba Zamba - Dance with Me
024. Croatia Squad - What Can U Do
025. Geoffrey Williams - Free Your Mind(MK Mix)
026. Party Pimpz - Holiday Rap
027. Tiri - Disco Prince
028. Deepso A - Have a Nice Play
029. LuGotti - Purple Roots
030. Pulsedriver - On a Ragga Tip
031. Southcoasters - In 2 My House(Radio Edit)
032. A2A - That's What We Need!( Ibiza Rework)
033. Micha3l Fiction - Don't Hold Me Down
034. Tiscore - Colors(feat. Addie Nicole)[Fearless Remix]
035. Vanilla Ace - Get It On(Scott Diaz Hint Of Disco Remix)
036. Massimo Paramour - It's You(Richard Earnshaw Vocal Mix)
037. Me & My Toothbrush - Escape My Laws
038. NICCO, Chris Deelay - Remember(Radio Mix)
039. The Mixed Royalty - Never Told You(Extended Mix)
040. Chris Deelay - Wir feiern(Topmodelz Remix)
041. Low Steppa & Dennis Quin - Roots(Original Mix)
042. Matvey Emerson - I Need Somebody(Feat. Rene)
043. Rauwkost - Slipe and Slide
044. David Penn, Toni Bass, Deux - To The Music(Original Mix)
045. Dee - The Summer Is Magic
046. Fran&co - Vibe(House Healed Me Vocal Edit)
047. Marc Moosbrugger - Fina
048. Lethal Legend - One Plus One
049. Mall Aka Funk - Nu Dance
050. Martin Loud - Naughty Girls(Original Mix)
051. Svenson - Clubbin' on Sunshine(Rooky Remix)
052. Falko Niestolik - Someday(Sascha Kloeber Remix)
053. Andy Bublick - Get Another Love
054. Party Pimpz - Give It Up
055. Peter Cruseder - Loving You
056. BONJ - Bernardo(DJ Monique Remix)
057. Devote - Found Love(Mattei & Omich Remix)( feat. Wado)
058. Jerry Ropero, Joris Dee - Dirty Talk
059. Local Options - Lazer Snake(Original Mix)
060. Malibu Drive - Feel It(Beach Mix)
061. Bendito - City(Mathew Brabham Remix)
062. DJ Vega - Destination Sunshine(The Gathering Mix)
063. Fooh Funk - Be in Love(ChixUnigthed Remix)
064. Jenifer Brening - Breathe(Philip Larsen Remix)
065. Terranova(IT), Mad Bob - Me Gusta(Radio Edit)
066. Adrima - Discoland
067. Jay Frog, KLC - Da Beat(Future House Radio Mix)
068. Moon Rocket - Beautiful(The Moon Mix)
069. Natasha Watts - Go Slow
070. Rafael Paste - No Touch
071. Damon Grey, Freedah Soul - Mind Control(Radio Edit)
072. Lee Walker Vs. DJ Deeon - Freak Like Me
073. Nick Martira - Me Time(DJ Lukas Wolf Mix)
074. P&C - Truly Madly Deeply(Topmodelz Edit)
075. Rony Breaker - I Feel Loved(Cram Remix)
076. Dardo Roth - Quantum Life(Original Mix)
077. Davide Turco - Pipe Dream(Radio Edit)
078. Lee & Sun - Waves
079. Miguel Campbell - The Music(MAM Remix)
080. Pulsedriver - Do You Want It Right Now
081. Benji Of Sweden, Linda Axelsson - Fall In Love(Radio Edit)
082. Don Esteban - Dance(Vocal Edit)
083. Kristof Tigran - Ticket for Love
084. naturtalente - Manege
085. Rubix - Put It Away
086. Jude & Frank - Hold The Bassline(Radio Edit)
087. LAAX - Karakal
088. Limelight - Shine On
089. Skaei - Fly with Me
090. Ben Ashton - Got Me Thinkin(Feat. Philip Manning)
091. Drop Box - We Make Ya Move(Club Edit)
092. Klankman & Sylvia Totally - Requiem(Kirill Bukka Remix)
093. Peverell Bros - I Love It(Robbie Rivera Remix)
094. Clemens Rumpf & David A. Tobin - Fire
095. Corne - Light Breeze(Feat. Cosmin Gherman)
096. Familiar Faces - Mad World(Radio Mix)
097. Roger Horton, Slippy Beats - Everyday(Radio Edit)
098. Banazonic - Close Your Eyes
099. Don Esteban - Just Movin on(Extended Mix)
100. Fred Fuller - Siofok
101. Michael Ballus - Wie ein warmer Sommerregen
102. Funky Chicos - Mighty Real
103. Gecko Groove - Pulp Fusion
104. Julia Poly - You Give Me
105. Major Sound - For You
106. Otto Hype, Maltec - Let It Out(Future Bass Remix)
107. Sugarfunk - Honey Beach
108. Onemo - I Want(Anthony Romeno Remix)
109. Palladium, Van Snyder - Adrift
110. Michael Push - Falling Down

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