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Artist: Various Performers Title: Euphoric House Anthems 2017 Style: Indie Dance,8-07-2017, 14:26 New Music  
The Legend Of The City: Club House Sounds(2017 )
Category: Unmixed Artist: Various Performers Title of album: The Legend Of The City:29-06-2017, 06:38 New Music  
Diamond Euphoria: Night House Party(2017 )
Category: Mixed Artist: Various Artist Title of album: Euphoria Diamond: Night House19-06-2017, 03:49 New Music  
We Are the Night Best of the Clubs (2017)
Исполнитель:VA Название: We Are the Night Best of the Clubs (2017) Жанр: House, Tech12-06-2017, 15:52 House  
Artist: Various Artists Title: Masters of Dance 8 Style: Club, Electro, Bigroom,8-06-2017, 23:30 New Music  
Artist: Various Artists Title: Deep-House Aloha Vol 1(20 Summer Smoothies)Style:7-06-2017, 05:56 New Music  
Artist: Various Performers Title: Sunshine Dance 6 Style: Club, Future House,6-06-2017, 14:25 New Music  
Artist: Various Performers Title: EDM 2017 Opening Party Ibiza Style: Club,3-06-2017, 00:38 New Music  
Special Sport Songs 7 (2017)
Исполнитель:VA Название: Special Sport Songs 7 (2017) Жанр: Electronic, Trance,14-04-2017, 13:23 Trance  
Central Agency of Sound 2017 (2017)
Исполнитель:VA Название: Central Agency of Sound 2017 (2017) Жанр: House, Tech House,9-04-2017, 16:26 House  
Body Shaper Vol 1 (2017)
Исполнитель:VA Название: Body Shaper Vol 1 (2017) Жанр: Pop, Dance, Club Год8-04-2017, 07:33 Dance  
Ibiza Session 2017: For DJ's Only (2017)
Исполнитель:VA Название: Ibiza Session 2017: For DJ's Only (2017) Жанр: House, Tech4-04-2017, 19:33 House  
VIP Ibiza House Session (2017)
Исполнитель:VA Название: VIP Ibiza House Session (2017) Жанр: House, Tech House, Deep31-03-2017, 02:07 House  
Civil Dance Vol 1 (2017)
Исполнитель:VA Название: Civil Dance Vol 1 (2017) Жанр: Electronic, Trance,24-03-2017, 14:55 Trance  
Bangin EDM 4 (2017)
Исполнитель:VA Название: Bangin EDM 4 (2017) Жанр: Industrial, Noise Год выпуска:15-03-2017, 10:26 Trance  
Special Sport Songs 6 (2017)
Исполнитель:VA Название: Special Sport Songs 6 (2017) Жанр: House, Tech House, Deep10-03-2017, 18:11 House  
Spring Break Let's Party (2017)
Исполнитель:VA Название: Spring Break Let's Party (2017) Жанр: House, Tech House,6-03-2017, 19:34 House  
Miami Opening Party 2017 (2017)
Исполнитель:VA Название: Miami Opening Party 2017 (2017) Жанр: House, Tech House,3-03-2017, 12:53 House  
Spring Break Escalation 2017 (2017)
Исполнитель:VA Название: Spring Break Escalation 2017 (2017) Жанр: House, Tech House,24-02-2017, 03:43 House  
I Can and I Will: Workout Motivation Music (2016)
Артист: VA Название: I Can and I29-12-2016, 16:36 House  
Bikini Sounds: Best of 2016 (2016)
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The Deep & The Furious (2016)
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Iron Girl Fitness and Workout Music (2016)
Category Collection Artist: VA disc Title: Iron Girl Fitness and Workout17-06-2016, 18:21 New Music  
Garten Lounge Musik (2016)
Genre:Downtempo, Chillout, Lounge Format:MP3 | Quality:320 Kbps | Playing20-05-2016, 02:21 New Music  
Lets Get Fit Running Music (2016)
Artist: Various Artists Title: Lets Get Fit Running Music Style: Progressive, Club,9-04-2016, 19:36 New Music  
Running Workout Music Top 100 (2016)
Artist: VA Title: Running Workout Music Top 100 Year of release: 2016 Genre: Dance,9-04-2016, 00:18 New Music  
DJ Dance Liga: Club Electro House (2016)
Good freshness in each new spring tracks LP dance "DJ Dance Liga: Club Electro6-04-2016, 03:23 Dance / House  
Workout Beats Vol.6 (2016)
Genre:Club, Funky, Tropical, Future House Playing time:03:29:15 | Format |3-04-2016, 18:48 New Music  
Lets Get Fit Running Music (2016) Mp3
Год выпуска: 2016 Страна: All world Исполнитель: VA Название: Lets Get Fit Running31-03-2016, 15:03 New Music  
New Year Party (2016)
Category Collection Artist: VA disc Title: New Year Party(2016)Genre: Club,29-12-2015, 15:30 New Music  
Greatest Ever 90's Dance Classics (2015)
Genre:Acid Jazz, Funk, UK Garage, House, Breakbeat Format:MP3 | Quality:320 Kbps |27-10-2015, 02:15 Dance  

New Music - DJezzy Sweet Sixteen(2017 )

1-08-2017, 11:06 | Visit: 850 print

Category: Unmixed Artist: Various Artist Disc title: DJezzy Sweet Sixteen Genre: Club House, Dance, Electro Year of Release: 2017 Number of tracks: 100 Time: 08:35:41 Format|Quality: MP3 | 320 kpbs Disc: I want You to or not, but halfway through the summer. Of course, the weather is not very pleasing this year, but all the fun happens in our lives only if
DJezzy Sweet Sixteen(2017 )

Category: Unmixed
Artist: Various Artist
Disc title: DJezzy Sweet Sixteen
Genre: Club House, Dance, Electro
Year of Release: 2017
Number of tracks: 100
Time: 08:35:41
Format|Quality: MP3 | 320 kpbs

I want You to or not, but halfway through the summer. Of course, the weather is not very pleasing this year, but all the fun happens in our lives only if you have the desire, mood, good health and good friends. So in the summer season. Even when bored, came the drab, and the holidays are still weeks, you will help to dispel melancholy is an amazing musical collection "DJezzy Sweet Sixteen".

001. United States Of Dance - We Are The Night
002. The camelphat - Siren Song - Radio Edit
003. Raviv - Good Together - Luca Minoli Suite Remix
004. Michael Ruland - Dreamer(Ibiza Dub Mix)
005. AMinusLex - Nepal - Radio Edit
006. Bella Donna - Merge - Tunnel Mix
007. Mykel Mars - L. A. Nights(Paul Aus Berlin Remix)
008. E. M. C. K. - Be Yourself - Radio Edit
009. Klod Rights - Amber Eyes - Original Mix
010. Dedsec Crew - Big Boys Party(San Francisco Mix)
011. NJ Producer - Hold Love - Germany Mix
012. Paris Avenue - Better Day(In Lifetimes)- Radio Edit
013. Sounds of Summer - In My Head(Oh You)( Club Mix)
014. Mr. Nice Showroom - Original Mix
015. Prash - Electric Circus(Minimal Mix)
016. Beautiful Woman - Cylor - Original Mix
017. Yaneena - Just A Moment With You(Extended Mix)
018. Pajero Orchestra - Walkin' Yazz - Original Mix
019. Suzie Kju - Baby!( Extended Classic Mix)
020. Tony Deledda - Arabian Pleasure - Original Mix
021. Blasterjaxx - Do Or Die(feat. Lara)
022. Filtercut - Time Won't Wait(Club Mix)
023. Umbria Style - Nu Break - Original Mix
024. Million Colours - I Hold On(Club Mix)
025. Fabio Balato - Melody - Original Mix
026. DJ Absinth - Morning Sun(Eddy Chrome Beachclub Remix)
027. Paul Cutie - Gitano - Original Mix
028. Cy-Ann - In The Dark You Shine(Club Mix)
029. Tony D - Sultan's Beat - Original Mix
030. Toca Lounge - Electric Feeling(Extended Mix)
031. Mr.Funk Delight - Move That Body - Tilak, Pt. 2 Mix
032. Cheap Sunglasses - Till The End(Million Colours Remix)
033. Pinch & Dash - Show Me Love(Club Edit)
034. Sigma - Atmosphera - Original Mix
035. Dr. Beat - In Love(Radio Edit)
036. Afrochuck - The Dirty Workout Plan(Extended Mix Cardio)
037. PRTNDR - The Only Thing(Club Mix)
038. Sweet Emotions - Love Tonight(Extended Mix)
039. Adriano Gargiulo - Stillness - Original Mix
040. Sugapop - Elysion(Extended Mix)
041. Danny Sinatra - Glimpse Of Light(Extended Mix)
042. White Sand - Neverland(Extended Mix)
043. Meller - Butterfly(Radio Edit)
044. Full of Soul - We Love House Music(Club Mix)
045. Carl Vee - Fast Work - Original Mix
046. Beydagi - Around The World
047. Dave Gate - I Can't Get You(Radio Edit)
048. Massenkuss - Massenkuss(Club Rework)
049. Ibiza Bitches - Be Happy(Club Mix)
050. Kiss Audio - One World One Party(Extended Mix)
051. Outwave Project - Feeling - Original Mix
052. Bermuda Twins - Everybody Stand Up(Extended Mix)
053. Heartville - You Can Have It All(Clubmix)
054. Eddy Chrome - Island Of Love(Club Mix)
055. Phun & Key - Processor(Radio Edit)
056. Taygo - Just A Boy(Extended Mix)
057. Alfredam - The Sun - Steve Troiani Pool Party Mix
058. Starlounge - Head Up High(Skaei Extended Remix)
059. Factory Bride - I Loved Her In Ibiza(Club Mix)
060. Solo Beat - My All(Tropical House Mix)
061. Sequence 2 - Akkro(Radio Edit)
062. The Mask - Guitar Hero - Push & Do Remix
063. Beerg - Fireball(Radio Edit)
064. Blue Curacao - No One Knows(Extended Mix)
065. Split House Brother s - Chanson - Marco Medolla Remix
066. Destination Soul - On Fire(Club Mix)
067. JeSe - Nothing Really Matters(Classi Remix Edit)
068. Crius - Running In Circles(Philip Mayer Remix Edit)
069. Fritzbeat - Your Hero(Extended Mix)
070. California Sun - Touch The Sky(The Cardionauts Remix)
071. Shaolin Master - Party Hard(Radio Edit)
072. House Sector One - Hands Up(Club Edit)
073. Jamie My Angel - Runaway With Me(Extended Mix)
074. Derek Faze - Escape(Radio Edit)
075. Mydca - Do You Feel My Love(Extended Mix)
076. Discomaus - Running(Fit For Sound Remix)
077. Melbourne Bounce Project - Follow The Flow(Radio Edit)
078. DCKZ - Together(Put Your Hands Up)( Radio Edit)
079. Eddy Chrome - Feel It In Your Soul(Vocal Mix)
080. Jetty Racher - Ready For The Bass(Radio Edit)
081. Prash - Bring That Bass(Extended Mix)
082. Cliff Wedge - Survive(Radio Edit)
083. Melbourne Freaks - Trumpet Bounce(Extended Mix)
084. Balearic Kings - Vamos A Bailar(Club Mix)
085. Sunrise Electro - Catch My Breath(Stephan F Radio Edit)
086. Loreley - Written In The Sky(Radio Edit)
087. Tommy Lazer - Whatever Happened(Extended Mix)
088. Masterbeat - Hold Me Tonight(Radio Edit)
089. Pearls of Ibiza - I Live My Life(Mykel Mars Remix)
090. Cera - I Let The Sun Shine(Radio Edit)
091. Skaei - Can You Feel It(We us Tropical House Remix)
092. DJ Rosso - Touch The Sky(Radio Edit)
093. Elisabeat - If You Be Mine(Extended Mix)
094. SRNDR - All Night(Radio Edit)
095. Stargold - I Give It All(Extended Mix)
096. Denis Dawydow - Orientalia(Radio Edit)
097. Dr. Beat - Will You(Radio Edit)
098. Miguel Alcobia - Tram 28(Radio Edit)
099. Mr. Groove - Crazy Trippin(Radio Edit)
100. House Sector One - Hard Bridge(Radio Edit)

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