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Body Shaper Vol. 2 (2017)
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Urban Party Alarm 2 (2017)
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VA - Trance Mission (2017)
Artist: Various Artists Title: Trance Mission Genre: Trance Quality: 320 kbps Format:15-04-2017, 00:26 Trance  
Special Sport Songs 7 (2017)
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Future Core Vol 1 (2017)
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Body Shaper Vol 1 (2017)
Исполнитель:VA Название: Body Shaper Vol 1 (2017) Жанр: Pop, Dance, Club Год8-04-2017, 07:33 Dance  
Explosive Dance Music 4 (2017)
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Civil Dance Vol 1 (2017)
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Bangin EDM 4 (2017)
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Special Sport Songs 6 (2017)
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Best of EDM France (Pyro Essentials) (2017)
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10 Years. 20 Trance Essentials (2017)
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New Music - Diamond Euphoria: Night House Party(2017 )

19-06-2017, 03:49 | Visit: 673 print

Category: Mixed Artist: Various Artist Disc title: Diamond Euphoria: Night House Party Genre: House, Electro, Dance, Club Year of Release: 2017 Number of tracks: 100 Time: 07:42:06 Format|Quality: MP3 | 320 kpbs Disc: You have depression or it is in a good mood?You can rectify the situation very quickly and dramatically with the help of music collection
Diamond Euphoria: Night House Party(2017 )

Category: Mixed
Artist: Various Artist
Disc title: Diamond Euphoria: Night House Party
Genre: House, Electro, Dance, Club
Year of Release: 2017
Number of tracks: 100
Time: 07:42:06
Format|Quality: MP3 | 320 kpbs

You have depression or it is in a good mood?You can rectify the situation very quickly and dramatically with the help of music collection "Diamond Euphoria: Night House Party". Music presents the remixes butleigh, extended and radio versions and in the order of continuous playback takes more than 7 hours. This is enough to hold a loud party and select for yourself the best work.

001. Deep Spirit - Lonely 2K16(Club Edit)
002. Moonrider - Resurrection(Radio Edit)
003. Arctic Motion - Black & White(Radio Edit)
004. Miguel Alcobia - We Get It Right Sometimes
005. Brothers - Vita Esagerata
006. The Boogeyman is All Music To Me(Radio Edit)
007. Dr. Beat - Will You(Radio Edit)
008. Masterbeat - Hold Me Tonight(Radio Edit)
009. DJ Rosso - Fade Away(Radio Edit)
010. Dave Gate - I Can't Get You(Radio Edit)
011. Kathy McLean - Light In Me(X-Plane Radio Edit)
012. Miguel Alcobia - Tram 28(Radio Edit)
013. Brothers - Sacrifice(Best DJ Version Radio)
014. Surisan & Mirsad - I'm On Fire(Radio Edit)
015. Vio - One Girl(Stephan F Radio Edit)
016. Dj KoeH - Flash City
017. Cliff Wedge - Love At First Sight(Radio Edit)
018. Alex Reger - Breakdown(Jason Dean Hard Club Mix)
019. Phun & Key - System Crash(Radio Edit)
020. Air & Fire - Once Upon A Time(Ronnsn Remix)
021. The STW Project - Us(Radio Edit)
022. The Double Drop - Russian Bear
023. Sequence 2 - Crazy(Radio Edit)
024. MaxXDrums - Watch It
025. The Boogeyman - The Bass Poem(Radio Edit)
026. Patrick Hofmann - Noon(Paul Vinx Edit)
027. Hr. Troels - Chameleon(Radio Edit)
028. Wiley Webb - Chromeflower(Dmitry Bass Remix)
029. Monoloop - Murda
030. Shaolin Master - Party Hard(Radio Edit)
031. Atomic Electrolab - Pitfall(Original Mix)
032. Michael Colucci - Onyx(Original Mix)
033. Electrocisum - Depletion(Original Mix)
034. Jan Leyk - Gladiators(Radio Edit)
035. Gallamine - What Makes You Feel Alive(Original Mix)
036. Cliff Wedge - Never Gonna Give U Up(Radio Edit)
037. Don Marco - Decisions(Original Mix)
038. Mazin - Impulse(Refix)
039. Subconxious - Channel 7(Original Mix)
040. YDER - Can't Stop(Radio Edit)
041. Miguel Alcobia - The Groove Awakens(Radio Edit)
042. Prolugez - Handshake(Original Mix)
043. Lumberjack - Savanna(Radio Edit)
044. Ryan Street - Lights Go Down(Radio Edit)
045. Ian Warsaw - Curious(Original Mix)
046. House of Prayers - Treble(Diego Harispe Remix)
047. De Kibo - Jordan
048. Rabih - You & I(Radio Edit)
049. Afro Horse & Frank The Tank - Sunday Ash(Original Mix)
050. Loic Penillo - the Trooper(Radio Edit)
051. Crazibiza - Lockdown
052. Dr. Beat - How About You(Radio Edit)
053. Lopezz - Unpublished B(Original Mix)
054. El Payaso - Fateful
055. Ozi - Jump(Radio Edit)
056. Aleksey Burn - She(Original Mix)
057. Zsak - Magic
058. Frederik Abas - Dream
059. Meller - Butterfly(Radio Edit)
060. Dylan & Swan - 707(Original Mix)
061. Erick Decks - Facedrop(The Riberaz Remix)
062. Honora - Come Along(Radio Edit)
063. Joe Garston - Dead Ops(Original Mix)
064. Cr4fty - Jump!( Radio Edit)
065. Phun & Key - Processor(Radio Edit)
066. Montassar - Schrama Soltan Walk(Original Mix)
067. Point Blank - MMY
068. George Cynnamon - I Will Follow You
069. Crius - Running In Circles(Philip Mayer Remix Edit)
070. Deep Filth - The Fire In Your Eyes(Original Mix)
071. Terry Lex - Nada
072. John Ross - Flump
073. Cliff Wedge - Is This A Game(Radio Edit)
074. Hypster - Horny Machine Orgy(JRF Remix)
075. Masons - Some Fat Drums
076. Cold Rush - Bullet(Radio Edit)
077. Melie - I Got To Know(Heartman Chess Remix)
078. Terry Lex - Something Special
079. Smash - Fire
080. Adam Rickfors - Matsuri
081. Rosy Dilettuso - No Olvidaras
082. Sasha Plus & Rjabinski - Purple Turtle(Original Mix)
083. Max Lean - Dreamer
084. Block & Crown - You Started This Fire
085. John Snow - 7K(Radio Edit)
086. Pierce G - Neon Revolution(Jesse Hutton Remix)
087. Charles J - Corrida
088. Axel Raven - Arena
089. Beerg - Fireball(Radio Edit)
090. Javi Garcia - Hot Night In The Beach(Tony Flex Remix)
091. Matty Menck - Rain(Frowin von Boyen Remix)
092. DJ Rosso - Dance In The Sun(Radio Edit)
093. Elan Myles - Wonderland(Original Mix)
094. Shytsee - Thrones(Radio Edit)
095. Santino Kluge - Fly(Club Edit)
096. Overall San - Garuda(Original Mix)
097. Sante Cruze - Get so High
098. Matic - Outta My Head
099. Neon City Inc - Music Shower(Radio Edit)
100. Daniel Butler - AVit(Kamil Crush Remix)

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