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Chanson - Joe Dassin - Good Songs (2015)

8-10-2015, 05:54 | Visit: 1105 print

The contractor : Joe Dassin Name : Good Songs Genre : Pop, Shanson Release year: 2015 The number of tracks : 100 Playing time : 05:17:16 Format MP3 Quality : CBR 320 kbps File size : 72981 Mb A compilation album by French singer, composer and musician of American origin Joe Dassin. Joe Dassin started as a performer of folk, protivopostavlyalsya in
Joe Dassin - Good Songs (2015)

The contractor : Joe Dassin
Name : Good Songs
Genre : Pop, Shanson
Release year: 2015
The number of tracks : 100
Playing time : 05:17:16
Format MP3
Quality : CBR 320 kbps
File size : 72981 Mb

A compilation album by French singer, composer and musician of American origin Joe Dassin.

Joe Dassin started as a performer of folk, protivopostavlyalsya in 1960's. in France the wave of ye-ye. On his early records often adaptations of American folk songs and standards Ledbelly, Tom Paxton, etc. of the songs on the albums are recorded in English(English is the native language of Joe Dassin, unlike the French, although his foreign accent in French records it is practically unnoticeable).

In the ende 1960s Joe Dassin departs from the folk repertoire in favor of more traditional pop music. He rarely writes his own music(except for songs written for other artists, for example, Serge Reggiani or Carlos). The repertoire Joe are in this song — adaptation of foreign hits(often English). As a rule, performed by Dassin they gain popularity and stay in the history of pop music(case Les Champs-Elysees L'ete indien). However, in the end it makes a turn to the folk with elements of rock and works with Tony Joe white's album Blue Country that turned to be his last.

The voice Dassin — a pleasant baritone hoarse voice, with a warm, intimate intonations. Exceptional musicality allowed Dassin to feel sensitive to the vocalization of the European languages in which he sang, to saturate the song material is varied intonations. Great vocal talent combined Dassin with innate artistry and a winning stage presence — a slim flexible figure, beautiful lush hair, manly and handsome face with rich facial expressions. Dassin had a fine artistic taste and sense of style was very elegant on stage. The voice and appearance of the singer perfectly laid down on film and audio recordings. As a result, Dassin remained in the history one of the outstanding masters of the chanson.

The Dassin was a special demeanor on stage, which has influenced generations of performers and many of which subsequently began to imitate the singer always tried to stay as close to the edge of the stage to see the eyes of the audience. Following the traditions of the French chanson Dassin liked to sing, to talk with the public, sometimes in a whisper, to change the sequence of numbers following.the Aranea compiled program, and the mood of the audience and his own.

[spoiler=Треклист:] 001. Bip Bip(1965-1969)
002. Guantanamera(1965-1969)
003. Je change un peu de vent(1965-1969)
004. Il a plu(1965-1969)
005. Je vais mon chemin(1965-1969)
006. Ca m avance a quoi(1965-1969)
007. Combien de temps pour t oublier(1965-1969)
008. Comme la lune(1965-1969)
009. Dans la brume du matin(1965-1969)
010. Excuse Me Lady(1965-1969)
011. Joli minou(1965-1969)
012. Vive moi(1965-1969)
013. Viens voir le loup(1965-1969)
014. Les Dalton(1965-1969)
015. Marie-Jeanne(1965-1969)
016. Tout bebe a besoin d'une maman(1965-1969)
017. Pauvre Doudou(1965-1969)
018. L'ombre d'un amour(1965-1969)
019. Plus je te vois, plus je te veux(1965-1969)
020. La bande a Bonnot(1965-1969)
021. Le temps des oeufs au plat(1965-1969)
022. Le chemin de papa(1965-1969)
023. Les Champs-Elysees(1969-1971)
024. Siffler sur la colline(1969-1971)
025. Le petit pain au chocolat(1969-1971)
026. Ma bonne etoile(1969-1971)
027. L Amerique(1969-1971)
028. Cecilia(1969-1971)
029. C'est la vie Lily(1969 to 1971)
030. Vintage Mon du bout du monde(1969-1971)
031. Le Portugais(1969-1971)
032. Billy le Bordelais(1969-1971)
033. Me Que Me Que(1969 to 1971)
034. Au bout des rails(1969-1971)
035. La luzerne(1969-1971)
036. Un cadeau de papa(1969-1971)
037. La fleur aux dents(1969-1971)
038. Le grand parking(1969-1971)
039. L'equipe a Jojo(1969-1971)
040. Un garson nomme Suzy(1969-1971)
041. Elle etait oh(1969-1971)
042. Fais la bise a ta maman(1969-1971)
043. La mal-aimee du courrier du coeur(1971-1975)
044. Mais la mer est toujours bleue(1971-1975).mp3
045. Si tu peux lire en moi(1971-1975)
046. Taka Takata(La femme du torero)( 1971-1975)
047. Salut les amoureux(1971-1975)
048. Quand on a seize ans(1971-1975
049. Je t'aime, je t'aime(1971-1975)
050. La chanson des cigales(1971-1975)
051. Le moustique(1971-1975)
052. La complainte de l'heure de pointe(a velo dans Paris)( 1971-1975)
053. Ton cote du lit(1971-1975)
054. Les plus belles annees de ma vie(1971-1975)
055. A chacun sa chanson(1971-1975)
056. Fais-moi de l electricite(1971-1975)
057. Qu'est-ce que j'ai pu faire hier soir(1971-1975)
058. Ma derniere chanson pour toi(1971-1975)
059. Vade Retro(1971-1975)
060. Si tu t appelles Melancolie(1971-1975)
061. Chanson triste(1971-1975)
062. Salut(1971-1975)
063. L'ete indien(1975-1978)
064. Et si tu n existais pas(1975-1978)
065. Le costume blanc(1975-1978)
066. Alors qu'est-ce que C'est(1975-1978)
067. Il faut naitre a Monaco(1975-1978)
068. Ca va pas changer le monde(1975-1978)
069. L'albatros(1975-1978)
070. Ma musique(1975-1978)
071. Il etait une fois nous deux(1975-1978)
072. Et l amour s en va(1975-1978)
073. Le jardin du Luxembourg(version longue)( 1975-1978)
074. A toi(1975-1978)
075. Le cafe des Trois Colombes(1975-1978)
076. Le chateau de sable(1975-1978)
077. La demoiselle de deshonneur(1975-1978)
078. Dans les yeux d'emilie(1975-1978)
079. Mon copain Julie(1975-1978)
080. Quand on sera deux(1975-1978)
081. Happy Birthday(1978-1980)
082. La premiere femme de ma vie(1978-1980)
083. La vie se chante, la vie se pleure(1978-1980)
084. La rue Marie-Laurence(1978-1980)
085. La fan(1978-1980)
086. Se tu penses a moi(1978-1980)
087. Cote banjo, cote violon(1978-1980)
088. Toi, le retrain de ma vie(1978-1980)
089. Un Lord Anglais(1978-1980)
090. Le dernier slow(1978-1980)
091. Blue Country(1978-1980)
092. Tellement bu, tellement fume(1978-1980)
093. La fille du Sherif(1978-1980)
094. Le marche aux puces(1978-1980)
095. The Guitar Don't Lie(Le marche aux puces - version anglaise)( 1978-1980)
096. A mon fils(1978-1980)
097. C'est fini(1978-1980)
098. La fete(en duo avec Marcella)( 1978-1980)
099. Trois caravelles(1978-1980)
100. Depuis l annee derniere(1978-1980)

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